Visit us at 845 W. Market, Akron, OH         (call us at 330-374-4915, 

      open 7am-9pm everyday)

It's a little harder to do things the way that we do; we do it because that's how our FAMILY has always done it, & we have a REPUTATION to uphold in this area.


Striving to be the BEST at what we do

(and succeeding)

Wally started serving breakfast to the Akron area way back in 1975. There were no "short cuts" back then, and there still aren't at our restaurants. Wally embraces FRESH ingredients, HOME MADE batters & food MADE TO ORDER.

   & at  750 South Ave, Tallmadge. OH 

    (call us at 330-633-7400

 open M-F 7a-2p & Sat -Sun 7a-3p)